Are Black Roofs Hotter?

Does a black roof make your house hotter?

There is excellent popularity for black roofs all over the country. A black roof makes the interior of a home unbearably hot, which is one question that roofing companies hear more often than anything else. In Texas, summers can be scorching, so understandably, people are concerned.

Are black roofs hotter? Sugar Land Premier Roofing has provided you with an article with roofing colors and temperature guidelines. 


Why Color Affects Temperature

The roofing companies always emphasize that it’s essential to consider the properties of colors when selecting your roofing materials to mitigate heating and cooling costs. Depending on which colors you choose, your home’s internal temperature can be significantly affected by the color you choose because some absorb heat and others reflect it. 


It is generally recommended to install light-colored roofs on homes in warm climates since light colors reflect heat. It is a relatively easy and fast rule, but roofing companies will point out that materials also contribute to temperature regulation.


Contrary to this, dark colors tend to absorb heat. Thus, dark-colored roofs tend to keep homes warmer indoors than lighter-colored ones, and the materials used, and their quality will also be essential.

How Material Affects Temperature

In addition to choosing a color for your roof, selecting the materials you use to construct it is essential. Heat interacts differently with each material since they are distinct from each other. Your roof’s relationship to heat can significantly affect heating and cooling expenses, which is why roofing contractors should be aware of these properties.


Metals generally are good at reflecting heat away from themselves depending on their thickness. The metal used as roofing material is usually thick and works perfectly in insulating the house’s temperature.

Asphalt Shingles

However, asphalt absorbs most of the heat instead of reflecting it. It may be helpful during the winter when the inside of your home is quite cold, but it may be better during the summer when Texas is hot.

Rubber and Polymer Flat Roof

There is good reason to be interested in this emerging material in the industry. This substance is also good at reflecting heat, preventing internal temperatures from rising, and protecting against moisture and leakage.

Solar Reflective Shingles

Reflective properties are explicitly designed into these shingles. In comparison with asphalt shingles, solar reflective shingles ensure low energy bills and a cooler interior. 

Do you still need to figure out roofing materials? Roofers can help you choose the suitable material for your home by providing you with more information.

Decide on the Roof Best for Your Home

Following your understanding of one of the most asked questions among roofing contractors, you should be able to decide what kind of roof is right for your home. If you have questions about roofing, a reputable roofing company will be able to answer them for you. You can make a choice for your home if these temperature-related factors are kept in mind. 

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