How Should I Select a Good Roofer?

How should I select a good roofer from Sugar Land Premier Roofing. Most individuals who label themselves as residential roofing specialists are extremely professional contractors, who are experts in the field and will do a great job repairing or replacing your roof. But, unfortunately, like most industries, the roofing industry has a few bad apples that give the rest of us a bad name.


When interviewing residential roofing specialists to complete work on your home, you must know the red flags to watch out for, so you don’t end up signing a contract with one of the bad apples above. To protect your home and any future roofing investments you may make, the Sugar Land Premier Roofing team is here for you. Today we are sharing a list of major red flags to look for when interviewing residential roofing specialists to help ensure you end up with one of the good guys.

How Should I Select a Good Roofer?

No established community history

This is the main red flag for you. Every business starts from some point and if the roofers failed to produce such a history with the community, then that means they are not legitimate at all. When a storm comes, many people start claiming that they are professionals in roof repairing, and to get paid some money, they can lie easily. Always check this historical reference of their presence.

Intense sales pressure to sign today

Some residential roofing professionals who have a good experience may try to force you to go for the deal after the inspection; however, if you say no to them, they respect that. But if you see a roofer making you uncomfortable by forcing you, that is another red flag for you.

Lack of customer references or testimony

The previous clients are the best references that can testify for the roofers and if there are fewer such customers of a roofing company, then you are wise enough to understand that their work and expertise are not credible. 

No digital footprint

If the company does not have a digital presence, then it could be a red flag, but you can move forward with the deal as most the companies are not that tech-savvy. However, in this era of digital media, everyone is eager to know about the company, and if a company does not want to show its face to the digital world, there is something shady about that then.

Suspicious certifications, licenses, and insurance documents

One of the most important parts of any roofing company is their documents related to licenses, insurance documents, and certifications. If the company fails to produce such documents or has forged documents, then it is time to say goodbye to them and move on to some other company that has a legitimate source of documents of their work and presence.

Shows up just after a hailstorm

Beware of the storm chasers, they would come right after the storm has set to help you in inspection and would want to start working right there on your roof to fix it. They do not have the certifications, would want a lump sum amount of money for their service at the start, and do not have the right kind of tools. Avoid them.

The estimate is coming in significantly below others

Visit different roofing experts and get an estimate from all of them, and the company that is providing you a significantly low estimate means a huge red flag. You need to avoid such companies as they would be giving you a low-class service for your roof that you cannot afford.

We know these red flags might seem a little scary, but it wasn’t our intention to scare you! At Sugar Land Premier Roofing, our goal is to empower as many people as possible with the knowledge they need to make the most informed decisions possible about their roofs and their homes.                                                         

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