EPDM or TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing installation

Is a TPO roof good?

Is EPDM or TPO Roofing better from Sugar Land Premier Roofing. When it comes to commercial roofing, a roof is a roof, right? Well, nope, not really. Many commercial structures in the Sugar Land and surrounding area choose to go with TPO roofing material for various reasons, which we will discuss in this article. So, What is TPO roofing anyway?

TPO roofing is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, a single-ply roofing membrane that has gained popularity for commercial roofing systems in today’s market. It consists of a single layer of reinforced scrim synthetics for typical flat commercial roofs.

TPO roofing has a natural reflectiveness against the UV rays that Texas area is known for, especially in the summer months. Available in ten, twelve, and twenty feet widths, they are manufactured in rolls then delivered to the job site where professionals install the material. Today, it is estimated that forty percent of all commercial roofing is TPO roofing.

For a commercial property,  Is single ply roofing good? In Texas, yes, the different types of rubber, usually ethylene-propylene and polypropylene blended, has proven to be one of the most dependable and durable roofing materials used. TPO roofing has become popular enough that even residents are having it installed on their homes today because of the many benefits to be gained. Some of the key benefits that a commercial structure will gain from TPO roofing are:  

  • Affordable
  • Dependable
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible
  • Lower construction costs
  • Lower maintenance

How long does TPO roof last?

The single-ply TPO roofing is popular among the commercial roofing industry because the reasons listed above. When installed by a professional roofing contractor that has experience in TPO roofing material, you can expect up to thirty years lifespan. This UV-resistant material will provide all the benefits listed and more when properly taken care of with inspections, maintenance, and upkeep.

epdm roofing material

Is TPO better than EPDM?

When it comes between choosing  EPDM vs TPO roofing, without some educational information, it can be difficult to choose between the two materials, yet, TPO roofing still comes out ahead in most commercial structure choices and has become a bigger choice in commercial roofing market.  Some factors that make TPO roofing the number one choice:

  1. ENERGY EFFICIENT: A commercial structure with electric air conditioning and natural gas heat, reflective TPO roofing is a money saver for the building owner and management. EPDM is a dark-colored material that absorbs heat like a sponge. In Texas,  heat-absorbing is the last choice a building owner needs or wants. TPO roofing can save up to 70% on energy costs.
  2. PUNCTURE RESISTANT: Flat commercial roofing doesn’t need punctures – they lead to leaks and TPO roofing is a reinforced puncture-resistant material, as much as 3 times stronger than EPDM roofing material.
  3. CONVENIENT: TPO roofing is a versatile membrane that is installed in different ways including adhered, mechanically attached, or welded. It isn’t used in conjunction with EPDM or other roofing materials but will provide your commercial structure the adhesive look that is desired by commercial structure owners.  
  4. STABILITY: TPO roofing has better stability than EPDM roofing and won’t shrink, creating weak areas for leaks.
  5. STRONG: TPO roofing is an effective roofing system with strong seams compared to EPDM seams that are taped instead of adhesive or welded.

Is TPO more expensive than EPDM?

When comparing the cost of installation of EPDM or TPO roofing, they are comparably the same. TPO roofing is less likely to leak because there are no seams like EPDM roofing, which can make TPO roofing the less expensive of the two types with more ROI expected.

When It Comes To Repairs – TPO Roofing Wins

A professional roofing contractor that is experienced in TPO roofing is the person to choose for making any TPO roofing repairs. Knowing how do you repair a TPO roof is important in order to get the most from the material and the cost of the installation. With professional install and repairs, TPO roofing will provide a high level of ROI that a building owner can benefit from for years.

As a thermoplastic, TPO roofing can be installed with heat-weld seams, making it the ideal material for repairs. Your roofing contractor will clean the TPO roofing membrane and then directly heat-weld to the existing TPO roofing surface. When repairing an EPDM roof, it is not welded, and re-taping isn’t possible. The temperature and weather must be in ideal situation before EPDM roofing can be repaired.

From the initial cost of installing TPO roofing to the maintenance and upkeep, the energy efficiency, and all it provides and offers, the decision to choose TPO roofing is becoming more obvious among commercial structure owners and management. Roofing is one of the most expensive parts of owning a commercial structure and making the right choice in material is an important decision. Call Sugar Land Premier Roofing at 832-581-9234 today for your commercial roofing installation needs.