Is It Okay to Overlay My Shingle Roof with Metal?

If you’re wondering “Is it okay to overlay my shingle roof with metal?” Let Sugar Land Premier Roofing help you out. Our home’s asphalt-shingled roofs have been doing a great job keeping the elements and pests out. Roofing companies develop new methods to make our roofs last longer throughout the years. This improvement process generates new options regarding roofing products and procedures.

One of these several alternatives is to install a metal roof.


With this method, your roofer will replace your old standard asphalt shingles with lightweight metal panels. Metal roofing looks best when installed directly over a brand-new roof. But you may also install it over an existing one with little overlap. Therefore, you will need less time to produce new aid generally. 

Should I Install Metal Roofing Over My Asphalt Shingles?

The visual distinction between aged and freshly laid asphalt is notable. The difference lies in the damage the old asphalt has experienced. Indeed, it has the potential to transfer the damage to the metal roofing. Therefore, you need to clean and level the surface for the metal roof to lie on. 

Expert roofers can assess the situation with an objective eye. Also, they will recommend the best materials and estimate the cost of any necessary repairs with precision. Do you want to finish the project without their help? If so, you will need to take these measures:

Evaluating the roof’s condition first might help prevent future damage. This inspection requires thinking about mechanical factors such as ventilation and airflow. Keep in mind that it is necessary to keep your house comfortable without making your appliances overwork. 

Poor Ventilation on Metal Roofs

Placing strips of wood over the material to keep it from impeding airflow is a frequent practice. The legal building code will dictate the required spacing and measures for these materials. If you are not sure about how to do this, we recommend you contact the manufacturer for clarification.

In the same vein as the first factor, knowing what lies beneath the asphalt shingles is crucial. We mean the moisture that might build there. A synthetic material strategically placed may considerably absorb moisture. Likewise, it may reduce the noise that external causes, such as wind and rain can cause.  

Before beginning installation, double-check that everything is in working order. Consequently, it is useful to draw a straight line to use as a guide and as a mold. This line will ensure the metal shingles fit correctly and stay in place. 

Most home improvement supplies come with a manual on how to use the product. However, it is good to ensure you are doing the task well. So, it is useful to check with the local manufacturer. Are you in doubt about how to use a material? The cost of fixing an error may be significant. It would require you to put in additional time and effort and contact roofing experts for help.

Put Safety First When It Comes to Your Roof  

A metal roof is more than only another layer of protection for your property. It also has an intricate system of interlocking components and systems. Typically, it comprises four individual shingles that must lock together.  

Thus, you must adhere to the provided installation instructions. If even one shingle were to come away, a disastrous domino effect may occur. So, homeowners should try to prevent any situation that weakens the roofing support.

Consult experienced contractors and other industry pros for guidance if you need it. Doing so will help ensure a flawless installation procedure. The priority in any project is always your safety.

When it is sunny outside, it is easier to perform any roofing task. When it rains, the ground becomes slick and dangerous. Additionally, wear safety goggles and shoes to protect yourself from stepping on sharp objects like nails.

Get Your New Roofing System in Sugar Land, TX with the Pros

A properly built metal roof in Sugar Land, TX, may outlast the standard shingles by many decades. So, correctly installing a new metal roof with roofing professionals may be an excellent option. 

By preferring the Sugar Land Premier Roofing services, you work with a trained, experienced, and licensed team. We have provided the best roofing solutions to property owners in Texas for years.

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