Why Do Apartments Have Flat Roofs?

Why Do Apartments Have Flat Roofs

Why Do Apartments Have Flat Roofs?

Why do apartments have flat roofs from Sugar Land Premier Roofing. Flat roofs are fairly ubiquitous for commercial buildings and apartments. As a matter of fact, apartment and condo roofing services are vital for property owners and operators on an annual basis. One of the reasons why flat roofs are so popular on apartment buildings is because they cost less than a sloped roof. Flat roofs require far fewer materials and labor to construct. It’s also important to consider that the surface area is much smaller for a flat roof versus a sloped roof. 

Who is Responsible for the Roof in a Block of Flats?

When you have a block of flats, the person that is responsible for the building is the freeholder. The freeholder will probably be responsible for shared facilities such as heating or roofing. Because this is the case, the freeholder will be obligated to deal with structural problems. This includes roofing as well as any communal areas. Communal areas include stairs, lifts, and insurance for the building.

What are Apartment Roofs Made Of?

Are you wondering what apartment roofs are made of? If so, please review the following list of possible items to discover more.

  • Asphalt. Asphalt is a critical component of many roof systems, including apartment roof systems
  • Rubber. Rubber roofs are an important part of the roofing process. EPDM roofs are ubiquitous for flat roofs.
  • Shingles. Sloped roofs will traditionally be covered in shingles of some sort. Whether the shingles are metal, asphalt, tile, or more, is the purview of the property owner.

How Do You Know if Your Roof is Bad?

There are a number of observable symptoms of a bad, or dilapidated, roof. For instance, if your asphalt roofing shingles have curled or broken edges, your shingles need to be replaced. The same is true of cracked asphalt roofing shingles. Moss can be another sign of a bad roof. If you have missing granules on your asphalt shingles then your shingles won’t be able to perform and be resilient when bad weather arrives at your door. In such cases, it’s best to consult with a professional roofing company.

How Long Does a 30 Year Roof Really Last?

While thirty-year roofs are a wonderful advertisement, without proper roof maintenance and repairs scheduled as necessary, your thirty-year roof won’t last thirty years. The best way to make sure that your roof is performing at the top of its game is to schedule annual roof inspections. An annual roof inspection will provide a bird’s eye view into the current condition of your roof, and what repairs are necessary in order for it to be prepared for inclement weather. 

How to Get On Apartment Roof

The first thing to be aware of when it comes to apartment roofs is that many safety precautions must be in place before ascending an apartment roof. For instance, your local professional roofing company will have the expertise, experience, and safety measures in place to get on an apartment roof safely and securely. 

What to Do When an Apartment Roof Leaks

If you live in an apartment and your roof is leaking, you would be well advised to call your landlord as soon as you notice a leaky roof. If your landlord does not get back to you immediately, please be sure to follow up with an email, another phone call, or both. You also can walk over to the property manager’s office and let them know in person if you live in an apartment building. The sooner you follow up, the better. The integrity of the building will be massively impacted by roof leaks, as will your living conditions.

Apartment for Roof

While it is true that scheduling regular roof repairs can be immensely effective for maintaining the longevity of your current roof system, you cannot underestimate how important a roof replacement is. When a roof replacement is necessary, it will be a natural evolution. No roof lasts forever, which is why it is important to get your roof replaced when it is necessary. An honest project manager will be happy to go over the reasons why your roof needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, the number of repairs that will be necessary will outweigh the cost of replacing the roof.

Why Do Apartments Have Flat Roofs

Apartment with Roof Terrace

One of the greatest things that a tenant can hope for is an apartment with a roof terrace. Roof terraces can offer an exceptional view of the surrounding imagery. While roof terraces come with a bevy of wonderful advantages, it’s also important for the terrace to have some upkeep. If you have noticed that there are some roof damages on your terrace, please be sure to let your landlord know as soon as possible. It is a benefit to both the tenant and the landlord for the roof to be properly maintained and kept in excellent shape.

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