Here are Some Tips to fix the Standing Water on Your Roof

Here are some tips to fix the standing water on your roof from Sugar Land Premier Roofing. Water, known for its unerring ability to seek the path of least resistance, can become an unwelcome guest on flat roofs. Unlike their sloped counterparts, flat roofs can turn into a leisure spot for water, persisting far beyond the usual 48-hour post-rainfall period. If left unattended, this water might overstay its welcome, transforming from a benign guest into a dangerous intruder causing structural damage and safety hazards. So, when your roof begins to double as a pond, it’s time to investigate why.


Unmasking the Usual Suspects: What’s Luring Water to Pool on Your Flat Roof?

A flat roof, while elegant and versatile, comes with its unique set of challenges, one of which is the tendency for water to pool. If your roof is harboring puddles beyond the usual 48-hour drying period post-rainfall, it’s important to understand what could be causing this issue.  Let’s cast a spotlight on the common culprits: 

1. Drainage Dilemmas: Blockages or insufficient roof drains can transform sections of your flat roof into unintentional reservoirs, leading to ponding issues.

2. Feature-Caused Hollows: Additions like skylights or vents can inadvertently create surrounding depressions that capture water, contributing to ponding.

3. Hidden Depths: Sunken Spots: Depressed areas on your roof may indicate underlying issues, such as rotting joists or deteriorating insulation, that foster ponding.

4. Imperfect Roof Pitch: Even flat roofs have a slight slope for directing water. If misaligned, it can fail to divert water properly, causing ponding.

5. HVAC Conundrums: Critical for temperature regulation, HVAC units can also depress your roof’s surface if they’re heavy or leaking, leading to water pooling.

Taking on Ponding: How to Restore Your Flat Roof’s Charm

Once you spot ponding, it’s best to get a pro on board. The team at Sugar Land Premier Roofing is just a call away. Let’s dive into some solutions:

Tackle Drainage Troubles

Often, the culprit might be as simple as an unclean roof. Accumulated debris in drains and gutters can impede water flow, making regular roof maintenance an essential preventive measure. Professionals can devise new drainage paths or add protective screens to drains prone to frequent clogs.

Winterizing Your Roof

Winter brings unique challenges in the form of ice blockages. Professionals can advise on preventive measures like heated installations or modified snow removal strategies to ensure uninterrupted drainage.

Revise Roof Features

Certain roof features might be promoting water accumulation. An experienced professional can retrofit these features and add appropriate flashing to redirect water, ensuring optimal drainage.

Level Out the Lows

Resolving sunken spots isn’t a DIY job. A comprehensive examination by professionals is required to identify any underlying structural damage that may be causing these depressions. 

Create the Ideal Slope

Insufficient roof slope? A significant rebuild with advanced materials like thermoplastic polyolefin or ethylene propylene diene monomer may be necessary to extend your roof’s lifespan and reduce pooling.

Handle Heavy Loads

Heavy HVAC units and frequent foot traffic can compress the insulation, causing puddles. A professional can ensure your roof withstands the weight and fix any insulation issues due to compression or moisture damage. 

Noticed Ponding On Your Flat Roof? Tackle It Before It Puddles Up Your Problems

While brief puddles may not cause panic, persistent ponding can lead to structural deterioration, vegetation growth, pest infestations, and mold problems. Hence, it’s crucial to tackle ponding at the earliest.

Regular roof maintenance can nip these issues in the bud. And, remember, professionals like Sugar Land Premier Roofing know how to walk on flat roofs without causing further damage. If you’ve already got a ponding issue on your hands, don’t sweat it – Sugar Land Premier Roofing is here to help. We’ll assess your roof, identify the causes, and provide effective solutions. Plus, we offer a free estimate to get you started.

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