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Roofing Insurance Claims Process

A Picture of an Uprooted Tree That Fell On a House After a Severe Storm.

We Help You with Your Roof Insurance Claims

Has your roof been damaged due to a severe storm? If you have developed roof leaks, have parts of your roof missing, or had a tree fall on your roof due to harsh rain, strong winds, and large hail, know that you can call your insurance company to file an insurance claim. For the most part, your insurance provider should be able to cover perils such as hail, wind, and even fire. At Sugar Land Premier Roofing, we know that the insurance claims process can be tricky, which is why we are here to give you as much information as possible about the roof insurance claim process in Sugar Land, TX. Having knowledge about the process will make the situation a lot easier. Call us at 832-581-9234 to learn more.

We Charge Deductibles

Before your insurance provider is able to cover the cost of repairs or a replacement, you will most likely need to pay a deductible. Your coverage limit will not be applied until a deductible is paid. It might be tempting to work with a roofing company that says they will waive your deductible, but the whole practice is not legal. This is because the deductible isn’t automatically removed from the total repair cost like it used to be; roofing companies will say they will waive the deductible for homeowners, but really they end up charging insurance companies more. This is why Sugar Land Premier Roofing charges deductibles because we are an honest company who wants to do right by you and your insurance company. Contact us today to find out more about the roof insurance claim process in Sugar Land, TX.

The Roof Insurance Claim Process

When you work with your insurance company to repair or replace your damaged roof, these are the steps that usually take place.

  • Roof Inspection: Our roofers will perform a roof inspection to see if there is roof damage and how severe it is.
  • File a Claim: You will then want to call your insurance provider to file a claim for repairs or replacement.
  • Repair Estimates: An insurance adjuster from your insurance company will inspect your roof and provide you with an estimate for roof repair or replacement service.
  • Roof Repair or Replacement: Once a deductible is paid and your claim is approved, we can repair or replace your damaged roof!

If you need more information about the roof insurance claim process in Sugar Land, TX, call us at 281-612-5469!

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