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How To Tell If You Have A Leaking Roof

Sugar Land Premier Roofing presents you with How To Tell If You Have A Leaking Roof. Roof leaks are no fun, but it is critical that you take care of them quickly to ensure that your roof and home’s foundation stays intact. Another big storm that passes through could only make the hole even worse, leading to more expensive damage and repair. Here are ways you can tell you have a leaking roof.

Water Stain On Ceiling

How To Tell If You Have A Leaking Roof

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If you notice water or brown stains on the ceiling, that means that water is pooling on top of the plaster on your ceiling due to a leaking roof. Eventually, the plaster will rot and cause another hole inside your home. Discoloration hints at mold as moisture is getting trapped in dark and warm spots between your insulated ceiling and roof.

Dripping Ceiling

After a heavy storm, sometimes ceilings will begin to leak, so you’ll put a bucket there to collect the water. Just because the leak stopped doesn’t mean it was a one-time thing. If the water was able to penetrate through the roof and ceiling, that means you have a hole in your roof that needs to be examined and repaired.

Algae Or Mold

If you have algae or mold growing inside your home or on your roof, this is an indication that moisture is sitting stagnant, leading to a breeding ground of toxic fungi.

Buckled, Damaged, Or Missing Shingles

Severe winds or rainstorms can blow shingles off or warp them, leading to exposure where the missing shingle used to be. Patchy roofs are extremely vulnerable when the next storm comes as there is no outside protection, and leaks easily occur when missing or broken shingles are not fixed.

Roof Rot

This happens when the roofing mat absorbs moisture and slowly gets eating away at, leaving the roof vulnerable to more storms and leaks to occur.

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