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Architectural Shingles Versus 3 Tab

Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab

Learn More About Architectural Shingles

Are you ever wondering the differences between Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab shingles? Sugar Land Premier Roofing can answer this question for you. When you’re looking for a way to upgrade your roofing there are many premium roofing materials available in the market today that can assist you with heightening the strength and appeal of your property!

When you’re looking for improvements without too high-cost commitments consider architectural shingles! These upgraded asphalt roofing materials are thicker, more protective and able to prevent the common blow off from their 3 tab predecessors! Take a look into Architectural Shingles benefits and other basic information to see if this roofing material is right for your property! 

What is the life expectancy of architectural shingles?

The life expectancy of architectural shingles is 24 to 30 years.

What are the best shingles for a roof?

The best shingles for a roof can vary dependent on the category of roofing material you’re interested in. The most popular asphalt shingles, for example, can be considered architectural shingles with those made of a center layer of fiberglass in between asphalt and ceramic granules. The basic idea is that thicker shingles will last longer than thinner varieties. Cheaper materials won’t be able to withstand stronger winds or hail damages so it may be best to upgrade when you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather. 

Do architectural shingles add value?

Architectural shingles can add value to a home if it enhances the visual appeal of the home as this can make it more desirable to potential buyers. With architectural shingles, there is an added dimensional look and more various color options which give them a more desirable look than standard three-tab asphalt shingle options. What’s more, any roofing material with increased weather protection and energy efficiency give the home more value over other materials as they will cut on costs and the likelihood of future repairs.

Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab

When considering architectural shingles or 3 tab asphalt shingles architectural shingles are considered to be better as they were made to be an upgrade in the roofing world with asphalt roofing materials. Oftentimes regular asphalt shingles are known to blow off from strong winds as well as become susceptible to breakage from hail and other flying debris.

This is largely due to the one layer of protection that it provides. With architectural shingles, you’ll have 3 layers of material sometimes with the added protection of fiberglass in the center for more durability. The thicker the material the better it stays on the roof and protects against dents and dings. With architectural shingles, you’ll have improved cool roofing benefits than 3 tab shingles which can cut on energy costs. They’ll also have added insulation which can be essential in maintaining internal temperatures. 

Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab

Architectural Shingles Benefits

  • More Protective Layers
  • 24-30 Year Life
  • Less Susceptible to Repairs
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cooler Roof
  • Can Withstand High Winds

What is the best architectural shingle brand?

The market for shingles is constantly changing and can be determined as best one day and perhaps mediocre the next. Based on results from 2016 it seems that the top four asphalt shingles brands are GAF Marquis WeatherMax®, CertainTeed XT™ 25, Owens Corning Supreme® AR and Tamko Heritage® Vintage. 

Which is better a metal roof or shingles?

Architectural Shingles vs Metal Roof

Although a metal roof may be more expensive with initial costs they will more than make up for it over the course of time,  according to the Metal Roofing Alliance the costs of metal roofing will be roughly a third of an asphalt shingle roof over 60 years. Take into mind that metal roofs are more durable, with a longer roof life and minimal repair. They are able to provide the average home 50 plus years of roof life and can very well last up to 100 years! They are made of recyclable materials and can indeed be recycled at the end of their roof life.

There are a variety of metal roofing options that can range from rust and corrosion resistance to high reflectivity and impact resistance. What’s more, they pack more of a punch in protective abilities with their ability to withstand severe inclement weather such as hurricanes, snowstorms, rain, hail and more! They have high fire resistance with a Class A rating which can prevent the spread of external fires. Architectural shingles, in turn, are able to protect from winds as high as 120mph as well as withstand basic impact yet they won’t be able to have as much protection with severe cases of weather and protect as well int he water infiltration department as a metal roof.

Contact a Professional

To learn more about roofing materials and see how they can match with your preferences for your property contact a professional and qualified roofing contractor. Only with an expert roofer will you be able to enjoy the service of a roof inspection which can openly determine your roof’s specifications and provide you with roofing options that can best match with the characteristics of your roof. With a professional, you can ensure that your property is well maintained so issues like bathroom repair from unprofessional work can be avoided. Benefit from the advantages of architectural shingles and enjoy premium roofing services for your property today!

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