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How Can a Roof Leak Make Me Sick?

How Can a Roof Leak Make Me Sick

Mold Is One of the Worst Household Toxins, and Often Spreads Due to a Leaking Roof.

Are you “wondering how can a roof leak make me sick?” Let Sugar Land Premier Roofing help you out! Few people realize the number of toxins that surround us in our homes. Whether from mold, chemicals, or everyday products like deodorant, toxins originate from a variety of sources to impact health and cause discomfort. In most homes and indoor environments, the quality of air is actually worse than that outside. Roof leaks represent one factor that introduces the worst of indoor toxins — mold — into your home. Thankfully, solutions do exist for household toxins, once you know what you’re up against.

How Can a Roof Leak Make Me Sick?

Almost every day seems to bring news about some new danger lurking in our homes. Whether it’s lead, pesticides, or a byproduct of your new water bottle, it seems like we’re surrounded by agents of harm. Thankfully, not all of these “toxins” warrant real consideration. Those that do, however, can cause everything from asthma to cancer.

  • BPA: A chemical used in plastic production, BPA can threaten the neurological development of children.
  • Parabens: Found in cosmetics, this chemical has been linked to cancer in animals.
  • Phthalates: Another chemical found in plastic, phthalates have been linked to liver cancer.
  • PFOA: This can cause reproductive issues, and exists in Teflon coatings.
  • DECA: A flame retardant found in furniture, this can lead to learning and memory disabilities.
  • Asbestos: Used in drywall and insulation, asbestos has been definitively linked to mesothelioma.
  • Mold: Mold spores exist in every home. If triggered to proliferate, mold can cause allergies, asthma, and chronic sinus infections.

The way to deal with many of these contaminants is to simply avoid the use of the associated products. Mold, however, is unique in that it exists in a dormant state practically everywhere. If you have a roof leak introducing moisture to your home, mold will spread and begin to cause problems. Because of this, the first step to ridding your home of mold is to contact a local roofer for roof leak repair. One more typical harbor for toxins is tap water. Since your water can contain everything from lead to arsenic, consider local Texas water treatment from a trusted company.

At SLPR, we’re your local solution for a leaking roof. If you worry about the effects of leaks and their contribution to household toxins, give us a call at 832-581-9234.